Functional Medicine Is Root Cause Medicine

When you were a child and fell down, your parents put a Band-Aid on your scraped knee. Imagine if they could have healed you from the inside out, or better yet prevented you from falling altogether.

Would they have done it? Of course! 

Conventional medicine puts a Band-Aid on your symptoms with a wait and see approach.

Functional medicine treats the root cause and heals you from the inside out, often preventing illnesses before they even start.

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Functional Medicine Is:

Proactive: Harnessing the power of prevention versus a wait-and-see approach. 

Restorative: Cooperating with your body’s natural ability to repair and heal. 

Patient Centered: Enjoy a provider who truly listens to your unique situation and looks at the big picture, treating you as a person, not a statistic. Be empowered with information and encouraged to take an active role in improving how you feel.

Well-Rounded: Offering you the best of both worlds with a perfect combination of conventional and root-cause medicine.

Cutting Edge: Trust your doctor to stay up-to-date on the latest research and clinical observations available to help you feel your best.

Conventional wisdom isn’t always wise — it’s merely conventional. Your body has an incredible, age-old capability to heal itself.

-Gabria Cathcart, FNP

A Smarter Approach to Health

The body is designed to work as a cohesive and unified unit, not as systems independent of one another. Functional medicine heals the complex networks so they work in harmony for ultimate health and wellness.  

Don’t settle for a Band-Aid when you could have a cure! Take the path to true health with Functional Wellness Clinic and Consultation.

100% telemedicine based at this time. Gabria is licensed to practice in the following states: Texas, Tennessee, Connecticut, Nebraska, Montana, Colorado and Florida.