What is Functional Wellness Clinic and Consultation?

At Functional Wellness Clinic and Consultation, we are a clinic that is all about root cause resolution…digging deep into what causes your disease. Start your journey to health today with our unique functional and lifestyle medicine programs.

Our Approach

You pay one low monthly fee and get all the healthcare access you need whether you decide to go the functional medicine route or you decide to select the primary care option.





Self Scheduling

Based Care

Healthcare is a collaborative relationship. Our current conventional model is broken. Our model at Functional Wellness is relationship-based care whether you are seeing us using the membership route or you choose to go the “a la carte” option. We purposefully keep our practice small to give you the quality time that you need to obtain optimal health. We work to keep you well.

We offer transparent pricing and reasonable fees so that you can have access to the one-on-one care that is needed to maintain optimal health.

Changing your health takes time and dedication both from the practitioner and the patient. In working with you from this perspective better health outcomes are achieved.

Functional Wellness Membership
Ages 18 years of age and older


2 visits per month, which includes telemedicine visits as needed

Included with your membership*:

  • 75-minute appointment in office for a functional medicine exam and health history
  • Extended in-office follow up visits (2 per  month)
  • Wholesale lab pricing
  • 20% discount on medical-grade  supplements
  • Collaboration with primary doctor and specialists
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Access to diet plan platform

* See full membership details
** After registration fee paid at first month

If you prefer to not commit to a membership, you are certainly welcome to be a patient with us. Here is our list of a la carte pricing options:

Chronic Disease Management:

New Patient:
$175.00 for 50-minutes

Returning Patient:
$87.50 for 25 minutes

Acute Illness (sick visits):

New Patient:
$100.00 for 30-minutes

Returning Patient:
$50.00 for 15 minutes

Please note that the a la carte option does NOT include labs or in-house testing in price

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