Working with me, you will soon realize your healthcare is a collaborative, personalized journey we take together. Using functional medicine to heal is labor intensive and requires a lot of planning and preparation to create lasting change. I will help you every step of the way.

There are three ways to work with me. You can choose:

  1. A Functional Wellness Membership
  2. A Wellness Package ~ currently not accepting new patients for these packages
  3. Pay as you go.

Scroll down to find the best option for you or book a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Call with me and I will help you: Book a Call

With functional medicine, the investment is upfront. You heal the root cause and enjoy a healthier life now. You can also enjoy the benefit of saving thousands of dollars in medical bills because you stay healthy down the road.

Whatever option you choose, I am here to help you achieve a vibrant, healthy life.


18 Years of Age and Older


2 visits per month, which
includes telemedicine visits as needed

Included with your membership*:

  • 75-minute appointment in office for a functional medicine exam and health history
  • Extended in-office follow up visits (2 per  month)
  • Wholesale lab pricing
  • 20% discount on medical-grade  supplements
  • Collaboration with primary doctor and specialists
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Access to diet plan platform

* See full membership details

** After registration fee paid at first month


Choose one of these Wellness Packages, which are based on the most common health concerns I see in my practice.

Women’s Hormones

Get help optimizing your hormones so you can feel like yourself again. 

Are you struggling with:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Stubborn belly fat
  • Changes in mood
  • Hot flashes
  • Dry skin
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Sleep disruption

All these symptoms can be related to your hormones, whether you are in the peri-menopausal phase of life or you have officially arrived at menopause.

Adrenals, thyroid, and sex hormones work in symphony when they are fully optimized. With this package, you will have a better understanding of how these hormones work together to impact your overall health and take steps to optimize hormonal balance.

This package includes specific labs and (3) visits with Gabria Cathcart FNP-C, IFMCP.

COST: $1360.00 – one-time cost

Metabolic Health & Wellness

Metabolic health and wellness are key to your long term health goals.

What is metabolic health? Metabolic health is looking at your body’s ability to quickly and efficiently perform specific functions. Problems associated with poor metabolic health can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance leading to diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, oxidative stress, digestive issues, adrenal problems etc.

Factors such as age, gender, weight, body composition and hormone levels affect your metabolic rate and how each system functions in a symphony for vibrant optimal health

This package includes specific labs, (3) visits with Gabria Cathcart FNP-C, IFMCP and 2 visits with a certified health coach.

COST: $1480.00 – one-time cost

Weight Loss

Feeling stuck on your weight loss journey and nothing is working? Perhaps the problem is a little deeper. 

We will work together to address the underlying cause of your weight loss challenges. At your first visit we will discuss:

  • Current health issues 
  • Labs to uncover if certain elevations or deficiencies in your body are thwarting your weight loss efforts
  • Weight loss goals you have for yourself 
  • Obstacles you are facing 
  • A realistic, healthy eating plan you can begin immediately 

Weight loss is so much more than just a number on the scale. You will have the chance to meet with our certified health coach who will encourage you in lifestyle changes that lead to long-lasting health and wellness. 

This package includes specific labs, (3) visits with Gabria Cathcart, FNP-C, IFMCP and (2) visits with our certified health coach.

COST: $1380.00 – one-time cost

Gut Tune-Up

Have you worked on all other aspects of your health but something still isn’t quite right? A healthy gut microbiome is vital to your overall health and well-being. 

Studies have shown links between deficiencies and overgrowths within the GI tract have far-reaching effects on other body systems and can lead to IBS, IBD, metabolic syndrome, autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and more. 

With this package, Gabria Cathcart, FNP-C, IFMCP will give you personalized recommendations for a healthy eating plan, lifestyle changes, and other interventions all based on your unique test results.

This package includes a stool test that you complete in the privacy of your own home and (2) visits with Gabria Cathcart, FNP-C, IFMCP.

COST: $1100.00 – one-time cost


Each package includes:

  • Price of specific labs
  • Customized food plans, infographics to help guide your journey and learning
  • Provider fee for the number of visits your package offers. The first visit for all packages is 45-60 minutes. Follow-up visits are 25-45 minutes.

Please note: For phone calls, emails, and concerns between visits, please refer to our clinic policies so you are aware how we will be communicating.


Additional services: 

  • Schedule a visit with our certified health coach. (Some packages come with 2 free visits to our certified health coach.)
  • 45-minute visit with Gabria Cathcart, FNP-C, IFMCP for $250
  • Other functional medicine testing outside of what your package offers

If you are uncertain which Wellness Package is right for you, book a FREE Discovery Call with Gabria Cathcart, FNP-C, IFMCP. She will listen to your health concerns and help you choose the right package so you can get started:


If you choose not to purchase a package, services are available at the following rates:

  • New patient telehealth or in person functional medicine visit $350 for a 75-minute visit.
  • Established patient telehealth functional medicine follow up visit:
    • 20 to 25 minutes $150 
    • 40 to 45 minutes $250
    • Each additional 15 minutes is $90

Please note: You may be asked to schedule a more lengthy follow up to go over extensive labs or your treatment plan.

If you are a patient at Functional Wellness Clinic & Consultation, it is vital you maintain your current primary care provider. We are not a primary care clinic but a consultation and wellness clinic. 

If you have a medical emergency please contact 911.

Questions? Call or email us today at 512-887-1817 or