Working with me, you will soon realize your healthcare is a collaborative, personalized journey we take together. Using functional medicine to heal is labor intensive and requires planning and preparation to create lasting change. I will help you every step of the way.

There are two ways to work with me. You can choose:

  1. A Functional Wellness Membership 
  2. Pay as you go.

Scroll down to find the best option for you or book a COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Call with me and I will help you: Schedule a Call

With functional medicine, the investment is upfront. You heal the root cause and enjoy a healthier life now. You can also enjoy the benefit of saving thousands of dollars in medical bills because you stay healthy down the road.

Whatever option you choose, I am here to help you achieve a vibrant, healthy life.


18 Years of Age and Older


2 visits per month

Included with your membership*:

  • 75-minute appointment in office for a functional medicine exam and health history
  • Extended in-office follow up visits (2 per  month)
  • 20% discount on medical-grade  supplements
  • Collaboration with primary doctor and specialists
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Access to food plans specific to your health needs

* See full membership details

** After 100.00 registration fee paid at first month


If you choose not to purchase a package, services are available at the following rates:

  • New patient telehealth or in person functional medicine visit $350 for a 75-minute visit.
  • Established patient telehealth functional medicine follow up visit:
    • 20 to 25 minutes $150 
    • 40 to 45 minutes $250
    • Each additional 15 minutes is $90

Please note: You may be asked to schedule a more lengthy follow up to go over extensive labs or your treatment plan.

If you are a patient at Functional Wellness Clinic & Consultation, it is vital you maintain your current primary care provider. We are not a primary care clinic but a lifestyle and wellness clinic. 

If you have a medical emergency please contact 911.

Questions? Call or email us today at 512-887-1817 or